Diy bbl bed

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diy bbl bed

First off, check out this awesome Zig Zag couch. It has a built-in counter along the back which lets you use it as a small desk or to display things on it, like planters, vases and terrariums. You can do everything yourself from scratch. Check out homemade-modern to see how. You can start by picking your mattress or couch cushions.

Once you find a design and size you like, you can build the frame of the couch around it. How would like a DIY couch with a more open and airy frame, one which lets you store stuff in between the slits? That could potentially be super cool.

You could customize the design in so many interesting ways. You can adapt the design to the size you want and even adapt it so you can build a sectional instead. These things can be pretty expensive and a DIY version is a lot more affordable. Be sure to get the outdoor version with waterproof covers. The frame is as simple as it can be.

This seems like a cool piece for a breakfast nook or entryway. You could make an expandable DIY couch or sofa yourself if you actually wanted to. Check out this YouTube tutorial to see how easy it is. You can still use wood for the base and that will add a lovely warm touch to the design. Reclaimed wood would give the couch even more character.

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This particular project featured on YouTube also features cushions made of recycled parts and materials. Speaking of DIY couch projects that involve reclaimed and recycled materials, check out this pallet couch tutorial from YouTube.

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It shows how a small budget can go a long way if you know how to make the most of cheap and available parts and materials. Anyway, check out the details and see how you too could add a new piece of furniture to your home without breaking the bank. You know what else could be repurposed and turned into a couch? A bathtub. Check out this awesome clawfoot bathtub couch featured on instructables. Home Decorating Trends — Homedit.You're a princess — start sleeping like one.

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Also hide from your roommate if necessary. Here's how you can make one. This sections off your bed without sacrificing space. Here are some instructions. We wont tell anyone it's a table cloth if you don't.

Check out the instructions here. A little bit of charm can go a long way. Make your own with these instructions. Check out a great tutorial here. No need to be a handy-man or handy-lady, this tutorial is super easy. Check it out here. Most things in life become more magical by adding string lights; canopies are certainly no exception.

diy bbl bed

Check out a tutorial here. You're a classy person, you need a classy bed. Learn how to make your own here. Spice up a kid's bedroom or your own. Here are the instructions. A perfect way to add some patterns to your bedroom. Here are step-by-step instructions. Check out how to make your own here.

DIY - Built-ins Around Bed Final Reveal

Here is a little tutorial to transform your room. The little ones need a little luxury too. Check out some instructions here. Posted on February 06,GMT. Ashley McGetrick. Add some string lights to create an extra whimsical effect.

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Maybe also do some morning pull-ups? Actually no. Definitely do not do that. Columbia Pictures.How to grow strawberries in order to harvest a rich crop of beautiful, juicy and sweet berries? All answers are in our article. Strawberries or garden strawberries in your plot will grow to the envy of your neighbors if you fulfill several simple conditions:.

Timely feeding Nutrients are especially needed strawberries in the spring during the growth of leaves. Mullead solution is suitable as a fertilizer for young bushes. To cook it, you must dilute 2 tbsp. Under each bush strawberry need to make 1 liter of solution. Strawberry fertilizers are needed during flowering. This time it is possible to conduct foliar dressing: spray the beds with a 0. Proper watering It seems that it can be difficult to watering strawberries? And yet, in order to grow a large and healthy berry, it is important to properly water the plantings.

Mulching of beds Mulching strawberries can solve a number of problems:. Removing the whiskers Consuming nutrients from the soil, strawberries spend them either on fruit set or on reproduction. Thus, removing the mustache, you stimulate the plant to more abundant fruiting. In the spring, strawberries do not give too many whiskers, so you can remove them gradually, or wait for their active growth and remove everything at once. However, if you need seedlings, then the mustache should be given the opportunity to build a strong outlet.

Protection against diseases and pests Strawberry disease Fusarium and late blight. So that the strawberries do not get sick with these diseases, periodically it is necessary to change the place of its cultivation.

diy bbl bed

Every 4 years of planting must be moved so that pathogenic fungi do not accumulate in the soil. Only healthy specimens should be transplanted, patients should be removed and burned. Thats only some things you need to know about h ow to grow strawberries. But in our today post we want more give some great DIY Strawberry bed ideas, so you can see following images for inspiration.

Images via: Pinterest. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email. Home Garden Diy Strawberry bed ideas: 36 creative solutions. Garden decoration ideas — how to insert a country touch in your garden. You may also like. Cozy-spring mood in the garden — amazing ideas April 17, Cool, colorful living room furniture by Moroso February 8, Color stories by Benjamin Moore October 18, Adopt Greek decoration in your home to create March 17, A cool bed becomes the focal point of the room, so you want to make sure it looks up to date, stylish and, best case scenario, totally awesome!

Best way to do that, on a budget? DIY bed frames! Yes, you can build bed frames that rival the high end stores, and that also save you money. And we have a bunch of DIY bed frame tutorials for you to prove it. If you landed here looking for bed frames to buy, scroll on down to the end of the post where we have some great recommendations for you.

Pretty much all of these DIY bed frames are platform style. So you will only need a top mattress. No box springs needed. Want an amazingly comfortable memory foam type mattress? Be sure and head over to Nectar and check out what they have available.

Chances are, there will be a sale going on! This bed frame is made with pine cut to size, and a drill! You could even have the lumber cut at the home improvement store.

They have a tutorial for an upholstered headboard too! Lots of drawings, supply list and complete instructions and photos. So if you have one of those ugly metal bed frames that you hide with a bed skirt, this blogger feels ya.

What an improvement! This bed frame transforms the room to a high end look! The hair pin legs are perfectionand that walnut stain on the headboard? Great project. And remember, if you are looking for a really comfortable mattresscheck out Nectar. They have great sales going on all the time!

High quality wood beds are hard enough to find and afford as it is, but add in some cool details like integrated lighting, and this is a very cool DIY project. Great tutorial, lots of instructions. You could stain it a lighter color, or even paint it white for a different feel. Tutorial is in several parts, so make sure you visit them all. Also, she does a great job of helping you learn from her mistakes, so read the tutorial all the way through!

This is a repurposed bed that you see all the time on Pinterest, but few actual tutorials. This one is really good, and tells you exactly how to turn cheap or free pallets into platform DIY bed frames. We love the bohemian look of this bedroom! And how much did this cost? A local shop gave her the pallets for free. Now that you have a good pallet bed tutorial, here are a few inspirational ideas on what you can do with pallets and DIY bed frames!

So if you love dupes, this is a great one. Nice job.Raised-bed vegetable gardening takes very little space and allows vegetables to be grown closer together.

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Raised-bed gardening is a great way to grow vegetables — especially if the native soil is poor or compacted or has poor drainage. And there's no bending over to pull weeds or harvest vegetables. Garden designer P. Allen Smith incorporated formal raised vegetable beds into the landscape at his Garden Home in Little Rock. Photo by: Hortus, Ltd. Allen Smith. Raised beds take very little space, and can be built right over a concrete patio if lined properly.

Drainage in a raised bed is superior to that in an in-ground garden bed. A 12"-deep bed provides ample room for most vegetable roots. Take your garden to the next level with this easy raised bed project. Your plants and wallet will thank you. The soil in raised beds warms up more quickly in spring so planting can be done earlier. And if the bed is narrow, 3' or less, there will be no need to step on the soil and thus it prevents compaction.

It's much easier for roots to grow in loose soil.

diy bbl bed

Don't build a raised bed on a wooden deck: when the bed is full of soil and water, its weight could cause structural damage. If the raised bed sits directly on the soil, line the planting bed with hardware cloth or chicken wire at building time to prevent visits from burrowing animals such as gophers and moles. The bed may be made of wood, stone, brick, cinderblocks or any other material from which you can build a base at least 12" deep. Choose a location that gets at least six hours of direct sunlight each day.

Almost any type of vegetables can be grown in raised beds. Exceptions are potatoes, whose roots need a lot of room, and most varieties of corn, which would grow so high that harvesting would be difficult.

Click here to get our editorial director's latest advice on where to buy vegetable plants online. Discover different types of raised garden bed styles and get inspired to create your own with these pictures.

Whether you build your own or buy a kit, you can use them to grow anything from herbs to shrubs and small trees. Raised beds make gardening easy. Get step-by-step instructions for constructing a raised garden of your own that will last for years.

Get our best gardening advice and outdoor ideas delivered straight to your inbox. Privacy Policy. Home Outdoors Landscaping and Hardscaping. Tips for a Raised-Bed Vegetable Garden. April 02, Pinterest Facebook Twitter Email.If you've recently found yourself in need of a new foam mattressyou may be interested to learn that you can make your own foam mattress in just a few easy steps.

With this helpful guide and a few easily obtainable tools at your disposal, you'll be able to make a brand new foam mattress in a simple and stress-free fashion. Read on to learn everything you'll need to know. Before you rush out to purchase the materials you'll use to make your new foam mattressyou'll need to make some preparatory measurements.

Start by using your tape measure to determine the height and width of the bed frame upon which you intend to place your new mattress.

Even though this is perhaps the most cumbersome task associated with the mattress making process, it is important that you take care to make your measurements as accurate as possible, as they will ultimately determine how much material you will need to purchase.

How to Make a Foam Mattress

Now that your measurements have been taken, you are ready to go foam shopping. You should be able to purchase large sheets of foam at virtually any craft or fabric specialty store, so there's no need to go out of your way to locate the required materials.

Don't forget to check the foam's tag for its list of materials, especially if you have any respiratory allergies or skin conditions; some kinds of foam can be toxic. It is highly doubtful that you will be able to find sheets of foam that conform to the measurements you took, but don't worry because you can use your handy construction knife to cut them down to size once you get home. It may interest you to learn that many stores will perform the cutting process for you, so when you're out shopping, be sure to have your bed frame measurements on hand.

It is generally recommended that you purchase two sheets of solid memory foam and a single layer of extra firm foam in order to ensure that you get the proper amount of support when sleeping. Now that you've acquired your three layers of foam and subsequently cut them down to their proper sizes, you're very close to being finished.

Carefully place a half-inch piece of solid plywood on your bed frame's base before laying your new mattress on top. Make sure that your foam has had at least several hours to uncurl before inserting it into your bed frame. Be sure that the foam is fully uncurled and that all of its fumes have been aired out before placing a mattress cover over it. We welcome your comments and suggestions.

All information is provided "AS IS. All rights reserved. You may freely link to this site, and use it for non-commercial use subject to our terms of use. View our Privacy Policy here. Toggle navigation Login Register How-Tos.

How to Make a Foam Mattress. Written by Cameron Sherber. Reviewed by Gabriel Connor Salter. What You'll Need.What would you do if you were told not to sit down or lie on your back for weeks plural! Maybe that's not the first think you'd be thinking about if the words "butt lift" were on your bucket list. But stick with us here.

The majority of those procedures involved fat transfers known, catchily, as the Brazilian butt liftbut whether the operation relies on injections or implants, the surgery is the relatively easy part. Recovery is brutal: Brazilian-butt-lift patients are not supposed to sit for three weeks, and they're often instructed to sleep on their stomach and side for months.

That was "unmanageable," says Vanessa Kamau, a San Diego lawyer who traveled to Atlanta two years ago for said lift.

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So while she was recovering, she devised the Curve Cure, a set of three inflatable cushions. The first is a inch-thick plastic mattress with a round depression in the center where the patient can rest her sore and swollen backside when lying down below. A built-in air pump inflates or deflates the mattress. Deflated and folded flat, it fits in a shoulder bag for patients who, like Kamau, travel to other cities for this procedure.

Also included in the Curve Cure package are an inflatable head pillow and an inflatable fanny cushion with a back rest that's designed to take pressure off the buttocks when the patient is seated. Yes, we could insert a cheap joke or bad pun here, but we won't stoop so low. The set will be available in July from doctors or on curvecure. She introduced her invention at the ASAPS annual meeting in Montreal a few weeks ago, and the response from plastic surgeons was overwhelming enthusiastic.

The next stop, she hopes, is an appearance on Shark Tank. Keywords plastic surgery.

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